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“What feels like the end is often the beginning.”

Week- 5 the last week of the Mentorship Program where I learned a lot and met some awesome people. I will always be grateful to the Women Who Code Delhi for initiating this Mentorship Program and giving me such a wonderful opportunity to get the right direction to grow myself and become confident from being unsure about almost everything.

Now let’s discuss about this week’s session .This week was mainly focused on creating the online presence. …

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And here we move towards our week-4 of the Women Who Code Delhi Mentorship Program. This week of the Mentorship Program was as wonderful as the previous three weeks were and I was waiting for this week’s session for so long as our mentor Saumya Singh was going to show us the demo of how to make the PR and it was going to be my first step in contributing to the open source projects.

Let’s dive straight into the session. So here are the steps to get started with contributing to open source projects .

  1. First select the project…

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So I’m back with my another blog of week-3 of the WWCD Mentorship Program to share my wonderful experience with you all ;)

Now let’s discuss what I’ve learned in this session. This week we dived more into the Open Source Contributions. These contributions to the projects plays an important role and increases our chances in getting selected to various opportunities as most of the time recruiters do check the GitHub Profile of the student and selects them on the basis of their GitHub Profile.

Our mentor, Saumya Singh made us familiar with the open Source Contributions and told us…

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After the wonderful week-1 of the Mentorship Program, our week 2 started with the same enthusiasm and positivity . Earlier in week-1, we got to know about various programs and opportunities like GSSoC, GHC Scholarship and many more and this time it was even more interesting. If you haven’t read my week-1 experience, do check it out here.

And here begins our week-2 of the mentorship program. As per the WWCD’s this week agenda, we had to discuss about the internships and placements. And our mentor did the same, she shared various useful placement resources with us.

Internships & Placements Strategy:-

Whenever we talk…

A small intro of WWCD Mentorship Program:-

It’s a 5 week long program which encourages women in STEM by pairing them with the mentors according to their interest to further their professional development and expand their network.

This Program is open for all the undergraduate women in STEM field.

My journey to WWCD :-

I got to know about this Mentorship Program through LinkedIn as I was already a member of this organisation. I filled the form with no expectation of getting selected. It was on 27t January when I received a mail from Women Who Code Delhi that I’ve been selected as a mentee, honestly it is the golden opportunity for…

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